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12 Books in 12 Months in 2020

I am not the worlds best reader. For some reason, I find it difficult to carve out the time or find the inclination to sit down and read and when I do read, it feels like a slog, whereas my wife on the other hand seems to just inhale books and can read as many as 4 or 5 in during a 10 day holiday.

I often put this down to being more of a do-er and preferring to spend my time creating and planning rather than reading. This is a habit i'd like to change. Not the creating part, the reading part. Note: I've even been known to go off and create something like rather than sit down and just read. I've even got some way into authoring my own books ( &

I'm also a big believer in personal development and setting goals to achieve self set targets, so I thought i'd set myself the achievable goal of reading a book a month for the next 12 months. If I manage to read more than that, great, but if I can't manage to read at least one book a month, i'll be a little dissapointed.

Here is the initial list of books I plan on reading over the next 12 months. They are not set in stone, I may change the order or read different books, these are just some that I've planned on reading for a while. Please note, the links to the books on Amazon are affiliate links.

Stretch goals.. Other books i'm interested in reading..

I also plan on maintaining a list of the notable books I've read and order them by overall rank (sounds good in theory, not sure it will be that easy however).

What books do you want to read in 2020?

Would you recommend different ones than these 12?

-- Lee