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AddOnBlog Mvc NuGet Package

I'm sorry i've not blogged for a while but there is a good reason..

I've been engrossed in an Open Source project I have created provisionally called AddOnBlog.Mvc.

The code is available at https://github.com/leeenglestone/AddOnBlog.Mvc.NuGet (contributors welcome)

But first some background. The blog post you are reading now is pulled from Blogger using the Blogger API and unfortunately the Blogger API (in my opinion) doesn't seem that reliable so I decided to change the blogging functionality on my website.

However after much searching I couldn't find a NuGet package that when installed would add 'simple' blogging functionality to an existing ASP.NET web application so I decided to create one.

And by simple I mean simple. The initial requirements being.

  • Save blog posts locally on the file system (no db in sight).
  • SEO friendly urls

With future improvements planned.

Hopefully subsequent blog posts will have been created using my own 'dog fed' NuGet package.

-- Lee