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25 Tips For Visual Studio Talk

During the train journey on the way to the 2nd day of Manchester Barcamp 2019 it suddenly dawned on me that had enough content on my website to do a talk titled '25 Tips for Visual Studio'.

So I did just that.

Some background: I created to help celebrate the launch of Visual Studio 2019 as well as showcase the tips that I have gathered. It is only natural when using a tool for hundreds of hours to try and learn all the ways to do things easier with it and I wanted to share that knowledge with others.

As soon as I arrived at the venue, I hastily started copying content from the website and into slides with the aim of showing the tips on an actual codebase in Visual Studio.

Firstly, I was overwhelmed by the number of people that came to my talk. It seemed to be more popular a topic than I thought. There was also a really good range of experience that people had had with Visual Studio. Some already knew some of the tips and others did not. Which is great because the tips can be useful for people starting out in development as well as seasoned professionals.

I even learnt some new tips myself, as well as alternative ways of activating the tips I was mentioning.

Here are the slides I presented. Please note that the animated gifs don't seem to animate when uploaded onto SlideShare :-(

If you want to see the actual animated gifs and a bit more information I suggest you visit my website

I am so pleased with how the talk went, and having not really done public speaking until this weekend am finding it easier each time I do it. And dare I say more and more enjoyable.

-- Lee