3 Projects in 3 Months in 2020

I have alluded in previous posts that 2020 may be the year that I work on and launch a number of significant side projects as well as group existing and future side projects under an umbrella 'brand'.

Here are the first three projects I aim to develop In 2020.

A mobile app/website to track going 30 days without something and (optionally) invite/challenge/share progress with others.

It is well known that habits are formed from committing to doing something for 30 days. I will develop a website, API and mobile app allowing people to track their abstinence from a bad habit (such as alcohol, chocolate, junk food etc) as well as invite groups of friends to join them.

A mobile app that provides sound effects for children's playtime.

Whenever I play with my children, whether it be building a train track.. being shot at.. or playing with toy farm animals I always think that the play could be improved/augmented by providing relevant sound effects.. i.e. train noises, war noises or animal noises.

So I registered with a view of building a mobile app to do just that.

I am FULLY aware that there are other apps that do this but I believe with a better name (Playtime Sounds) and better UX and product, it could become a popular app amongst parents & children.

I need to think about monetisation. I may go freemium and allow removal of ads from in app purchase and/or the ability to download additional sound effects.

An online reference page to help the development community improve their code reviews.

I see a lot of advice floating around about things that people should look for and do in code reviews. I thought it would be nice to centralise a checklist of things/best practices for performing code reviews. Similar to what has done for web development.


I am going to try and develop these projects as lean as possible and learn from previous mistakes. This includes:

  • Gauging product interest before development
  • Creating a newsletter/register interest mail list
  • Very basic MVPs
  • Emphasis on professional looking UI

These are mainly a glimpse of the many side projects that aim to develop in 2020. I also hope to shortly provide more details regarding the 'brand' under which I want to develop these side projects.

-- Lee