App Concept To Store 30 Day Challenge Day 1

App Concept To Store 30 Day Challenge - Day 1

Friday 1st June

Source Control Setup

I’ve created the git repository in Visual Studio Online. I love that these git repositories are free.


Creating Initial Project / Solution

I’ve created the initial Xamarin Project and Solution in Visual Studio and committed it to my git repository.


Website Design Procrastination

As I spend most of my time developing MVC web apps this feels very natural for me;  a lot more natural than developing Xamarin applications. I intend on creating a simple companion website for the app at www.OfficeSoundEffects.com and can see myself working on it as/when I get stuck on the Xamarin app.


I am no designer so am looking for some applicable simple ‘app’ marketing templates on wrapbootstrap.com. I’ll then take that HTML / CSS and create an MVC web app from it.



I think that is enough for today. I have family obligations this weekend so don’t see myself making any progress on this over the weekend so the next chance i’ll get to make any progress is 4th June :-o


Next steps..

  • Get the default / blank app building on my Mac and deploying to my iPhone

  • Start sourcing sound effects for the app

  • Design wireframe screens for the app