App Concept To Store 30 Day Challenge Day 14

Thursday 14th June

Button Icons

Because of the lack of iconography, I thought i’d spend some time trying to improve the app with some icons. People understand icons, especially commonly used ones better than their equivalent words.

I stumbled upon a great little free tool called Iconion. It allows you to export a number of transparent icons with lots of different options.

Link here.. http://iconion.com

Using it, I exported a number of small icons to use in the app. I found adding icons (Images) to the button to be surprisingly easy.

And the end result is an app with some better iconography.

I forgot to export a play button so i’ll need to go back and do that.


The ease of integrating icons onto buttons was matched by the delight of finding a new gem of a tool (Iconion). I can almost bare to look at the app now.

Next steps..

  • Splash screen
  • More / better sounds
  • Stop sound button?
  • Capture App Events?
  • Search?
  • Website?