Launching Code Review Checklist

I probably shouldn't be starting a new side project right now.. but the way I see it i'm delivering a side project I started ages ago. Not starting a new one..

And it's only a little side project.. it shouldn't need that much upkeep once it's done..

Anyway.. Inspired by the infamous (now under different ownership it would appear) Web Dev Checklist and my own teams desire for a code review checklist, I set about creating

The idea is to create a resource that developers performing code reviews can reference. It isn't intended to be an exhaustive list or cover all eventualities, merely a mental prompt of the usual things you may want to be checking during a code review.

The site is currently under construction and will get iteratively better over time. I'm a firm believer that if you aren't embarrassed by your v1 then you've waited to long to launch. I may also have received a generous offer of collaboration to help me on this particular side project so it has an even better chance than normal of being.. well.. good.

Feedback is welcomed but please be kind in these early days.

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I hope people find it useful as I did the Web Dev Checklist once it is a little farther along.

And yes, providing a dark theme is in the backlog.

-- Lee