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New Website Xamarin Arkit

I have flirted with Augmented Reality a tiny bit, most notably at Hack Manchester last year where I crawled the homepage of the BBC (using HtmlAgilityPack), generated screenshots (using Selenium), saved them (using Azure) and presented the main pages in Augmented Reality (using Xamarin Arkit). It was such a steep learning curve and ambitious project over 24 hours, but undoubtedly one of my most enjoyable hackathon projects to date.

Ashamedly I haven't revisited Augmented Reality or Xamarin much since then. Though I have this niggling feeling at the back of my mind that Augmented Reality will be the future.

There will come a time when phones, computer and laptop screens are no longer the sole purveyor of UI interaction. We will shed those restricted input modalities and replace them with glasses and headsets (more advanced versions of the HoloLens and LeapMotion) which show us information overlayed on the real world.

Such is my confidence of this inevitability that I have decided to learn improve my AR skills by revisiting Arkit in Xamarin.

To chronicle and share my learning journey I have created XamarinArkit.com. Where I have listed the things which I wish to learn to do with the technology. After I have learned how to do each task, I will update the website to share the code, description and video so that others may benefit from my experiences.

I hope by the end of this project that I can add Augmented Reality to my tool belt of skills, knowledge and technology and that others find it a useful resource.

-- Lee

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