Project Idea Pushup Counter

Pushup Counter v Pressup Counter

For the purpose of this post I shall use the term pressup and pushup interchangeably.

I own both and and whilst there are a load of tools / sites / apps for tracking workout progress I want to build something for 'myself' to specifically track the number of pressups I do a day with a view of opening it to friends and family should they find it useful.

I registered both domains because I was unsure of which term was more popular, having a sneaky suspicion that 'pressup' was a term more common in England than the rest of the world.

Enter Google Trends. Along the lines of 'don't build what no-one wants' I used Google Trends to see which of the terms are more common. I recommend using Google Trends when investigating / fleshing out any idea.

Shows that the term 'pressup' is nowhere near as common as 'pushup' and in fact the interest over time  has decreased.

United Kingdom
Shows that 'pressup' really is UK specific and still not as popular as 'pushup'

This confirms my earlier suspicions but it is important to confirm these things.

So it is then. Just need to find the time to code and release the thing now.

-- Lee