Tweet From Every Country Project

As you may/may not already know I recently visited Japan. I distinctly remember stepping off the airplane after a 3 hour flight to Copenhagen & 11 hour flight to Japan and messaging my family to let them know I had arrived safely.

That message probably reached them in less than 10 seconds.

It was at that point that it dawned on me that despite the distances just how remarkably connected the majority of the developed world is now. And it gave me an idea.

A way to celebrate that global connectivity that we now enjoy and take for granted.

And also at a time when politically driven national isolationism is on the rise, I believe it is important that we celebrate our international neighbors, not avoid them. We after all, share this planet together.

So I wondered if it would be possible to collect tweets from every country in the world using the hashtag #TweetFromEveryCountry and display them somewhere. Hence..

This internationally crowdsourced project relies upon people from all around the world to Tweet and contribute. The site includes a map and list of countries and will include relevant tweets from countries all around the world that are using the hashtag #TweetFromEveryCountry and showcase the diversity of the international online community.

I hope to get tweets from as many countries as possible. Can we get them all all I wonder?

-- Lee

*Please see the project Tweet guidelines and tag your location in the Twitter mobile app (so locations can be verified).

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