2022 in Review

I've enjoyed reading other peoples own reviews of their 2022, so thought I would do the same.

Started Developer Relations function at Avanade

After 6 months as a Full Stack Development Manager, in 2022 I proposed a business case for a Developer Relations function at Avanade. Since then I have been leading the DevRel function for the last 12 months or so. Working on the strategy and tactics to help Avanade build relationships with the tech community.

I also celebrated my first year at Avanade.

Gave various community talks

I gave talks in both Machine Learning and Augmented Reality in 2022.

Attended various conferences

Ran and attended various hackathons

Gained my Green and Green-Tag belt in Taekwondo

I love the progression and gradual improvement in Taekwondo training as well as the level of exercise it provides. Starting age 39, I found Taekwondo rather late in life, but love sharing the experience with my 6 year old son who I train together with.

Started my Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

After finding a course that resonates with every fibre of my being, I finally began my masters degree this year (MSc Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation). As someone who is plagued by too many ideas (it can be hellish) - it is important to develop the skillset to determine which ideas are opportunities and which are not.

Turned 40!

Turning 40 hit me harder than I thought it would. Being very happy with what I have achieved in life, career and family, I've never really been bothered about aging previously, though this milestone age brought into focus that which I have not yet achieved. It has resulted in a lot of introspection and planning what I want to achieve in the next 10 years.

I think I have another book in me for example, but perhaps after I have finished my Masters!

Had my MVP renewed

I had my Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies renewed for a 3rd year. Oddly, since moving into DevRel, I've actually spent less time in personal community engagements! Something I hope to remedy in 2023 as I really enjoy introducing people to the possibilities of AI and Augmented Reality.

Promoted to Group Manager at Avanade

In November I was promoted from Manager to Group Manager level at Avanade. This is a reflection of the level I am operating at, potential, and value I bring to the business.

I believe strongly in the companies vision, and hope to help it succeed its mission.

LeeEnglestone.com launched

I've decided to move my personal website from ManchesterDeveloper.com to a new refreshed site LeeEnglestone.com. The site is still in development, but the initial site migration has been completed.

GoodBusinessBooks.com launched

I re-launched GoodBusinessBooks.com, sharing some great business and personal development books that people may be interested in.

Family trip to Lapland!

We were fortunate to spend a few days in Lapland, Finland leading up to Christmas. A magical experience we wont ever forget that included dog sleighs and reindeer rides, tobogganing, -20 degree temperatures, and more snow than I've ever seen in my life.

Things I let slip include

  • General health & wellbeing (other than Taekwondo). I need to spend more time in nature, take more breaks, drink more water and not put off regular check-ups (opticians for example).

-- Lee