App Concept To Store 30 Day Challenge Day 2

Saturday 2nd June

App Page Wireframes

Today i've mainly been sketching pages within the app.

  • Sounds page - A searcheable list of all sounds
  • Categories page - A list of all categories
  • Category page - A list of sounds in a category
  • Favourites page - Sounds added to favourites
  • About page - A page showing version number, description of the app and link to web page.

Shortlisting Sound Effects

Though i've not looked for creative common sounds yet i've shortlisted over 30 different sounds I want to appear in the app.


Designing the preliminary layout of the pages has helped bring the app to life and re-enforce the scope of the work.

Next Steps

  • Identify where to download sounds from
  • Create the 5 empty pages in Xamarin