App Concept To Store 30 Day Challenge Day 20

Wednesday 20th June

Deploying to iPhone (or not)

Whilst trying to deploy my Xamarin iOS app to my iPhone i’ve discovered that in order to do so, I have to pay Apple £79 and enroll in the Apple Developer Program for privilege.

Well according to this Blog post anyway..


I probably should have investigated this sooner, but thought that i’d be able to at least deploy to my own device without having to shell out. 

I’m not willing to pay £79 just to continue this side project experiment, so I will have to call it a day.


I’m a little miffed to be honest. In my opinion, this isn’t how you encourage developers to adopt your platform.

That said, I have learnt a lot about Xamarin and should I ever come up with a serious app idea for iOS, i’d be in a good place to develop it and get it into the store.

Next steps..

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