App Concept To Store 30 Day Challenge Day 4


Monday 4th June

Update All The Things

There I was raring to go when I realised I needed to update XCode on my MacBook. So as well as updating that I also updated any other updates my Mac needed. I stopped short of updating visual studio itself on my Windows PC. That was enough updating/procrastination for one sitting.

Implementing Wrapbootstrap Template

Whilst my Mac was updating and restarting.. 4 times I think, I thought i’d make a start chopping up the Wrapbootstrap template I purchased late last night for the princely sum of $14. I’ve chopped enough of these html templates up into Layout.cshtml files that I knew what I was doing.

Among other things, once I've implemented the template and got some thrown together content, I’ll need to host it somewhere.. I’ll probably use the cheapest Azure hosting I can get away with.


Hello World Xamarin

Fortunately it looked like Visual Studio had remembered that I had paired it with a Mac previously. So before I wrote a single line of code I ran the iPhone simulator


It was nice to get the Xamarin App running, even if it was the default out the box sample. It showed that my Mac was building the code on my Windows PC.



A little bit of progress on both the Mobile App and Website front. I just need to learn Xamarin by feeling my way through it / trial and error. Fortunately the app isn’t a complicated one.

It feels like I can now get stuck in and start developing this thing. The hard work starts here.


Next steps..

  • Identify where to download sounds from, start downloading
  • Create the 5 empty pages in Xamarin
  • Implement Wrapbootstrap template