App Concept To Store 30 Day Challenge Day 6

Wednesday 6th June

Navigation Between Pages

Nothing too complex tonight. Or so I thought. I intended on just getting the bottom 4 buttons to open the relevant page on the app. There seems to be multiple ways of achieving this in Xamarin and my first attempt seems to have failed at the first hurdle..


Build Issues

I then seemed to be getting build issues.. Something about being unable to provision for iOS. Joy. I’ll have to work out what this means. Live Player has also stopped working. That was my evenings productivity well and truly scuppered.


Procrastination - DotNetUserGroups.com

I keep thinking of ways to somehow unite .NET user groups so a while back registered DotNetUserGroups.com and developed a little site to map them all with some details of each. I can’t help but think there would be benefits to getting the disparate user groups more aligned. I shall give it some thought.

A work in progress. Something i’d like to get completed however.



Taking something as simple as inter-page navigation for granted was a mistake. Yesterday I ordered a book on Xamarin, so I hope to gleam some best practice knowledge from that.

I shall try to keep my Visual Studio, iPhone and Mac as up-to-date as possible as i've read that the build error may be linked to versioning differences.


Next steps..


  • Get navigation working
  • Listing sounds
  • Listing categories
  • Downloading sounds