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GitHub Dark Theme

I've recently started live streaming on Twitch. Among other reasons, to show live how I am building in a collaborative open source manner and I seem to find myself switching back and forth between a very bright GitHub site and a very dark Visual Studio IDE and am finding the contrast between the two experiences to be a bit jarring. Which made me investigate whether GitHub has a built in dark theme mode.

After some searching I do not believe GitHub to have an 'official' dark mode. I have however found a fantastic alternative using a Chrome extension called.. wait for it.. GitHub Dark Theme.

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It feels like a genuinely polished styling extension and according to the Chrome web store has 40,000+ users with an average rating of 4.7/5.

I've installed it and now find GitHub, much easier on the eyes when switching back and forth between it and my Visual Studio IDE dark theme.

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And if you are interested in helping build, I encourage you to checkout the CodeReviewChecklist GitHub repository and pick up an issue or two.

PS. I recently learnt that GitHub also have a mobile app. I've tried it and it is awesome. I thoroughly recommend it.

-- Lee