Hack Manchester Hackathon Lego Project

Hack Manchester 2013 summary

So the Hackathon is over, the projects finished and prizes given out.

And although Lego Minifigures app for Windows 8 didn't win any prizes, it is a very good start of a product I hope to continue to improve and get an increasing number or Lego fans on Windows 8 using.

I surprised myself how  much I was able to do solo considering I hadn't done a Windows 8 app before.

Each team had to produce a 60 second video demoing their project. Here is my 24 hour project in 60 seconds. Admittedly rushed a little as I had to get back home and couldn't stay for the awards ceremony. In fact, I somehow managed to miss out an entire slide!

I managed to get the series % complete done, the app icons and put a little bit more info on the marketing website (http://www.legominifigures.co).

It still needs an about page, additional high res images added then I shall be comfortable releasing it as v1 to the app store.

I'm glad to be doing my part helping populate the windows app store and have plans for future apps in the pipeline.

A large thank you must be said to the event organisers for putting on a great Hackathon.

Next up.. Startup Weekend Manchester (November 22nd) and I've got a blinding idea. Get in touch if you are a designer, marketer or fellow ASP.NET developer looking for a team via Twitter @LeeEnglestone

-- Lee