My Goals for 2020

I have already outlined my reading goals for 2020, but I have many more goals than that.

Side Projects

There are a number of websites and apps that I have wanted to create to scratch an itch and in 2020 I hope to at least start as many of them as possible and will seek out potential collaborators.

  • - A website/app used to track abstinence from something
  • - A website to help people learn to code using C#
  • - A simple checklist of things to look for during code reviews
  • Secret Mobile App 1 - More details to follow
  • Secret Mobile App 2 - More details to follow
  • - I need to sell this domain or at least do something with it!
  • - An entry level manual tool for keeping tabs on your SEO efforts
  • More..

One challenge will be to avoid the "if you build it, they will come" mentality and try to conduct the side projects as lean as possible. I hope to get better at building hype than I have previously.

Mentoring, Talks and Community Contributions

My career in Software Development has been kind to me, I feel it only right to give something back in the form of mentoring individuals or groups (such as CodeUp Stockport) to help them become / improve as software developers. I will continue to contribute/give back to developer community with online offerings ( & and will even look for as many appropriate public speaking opportunities as possible.

Writing Books

Depending on how things go I may sink some time into getting back to writing a couple of books that are in very early draft form. I don't find writing particularly easy, especially non fictional prose. I always seem completely unable to maintain tone and slip between first party and third party perspectives and we/I. One is a handbook for Development Managers ( and the other a high level guide to culture ( More details on this to follow.

Health and Fitness

I am happy with the direction my fitness has been going, particularly strength training. I hope to continue, if not accelerate this progress. I find hitting the gym for 30 minutes during lunchtime akin to meditation, clearing the mind as well as increasing focus and enjoyment of the rest of the day. I may even revisit getting live.

I'd love to get back into Badminton but I find local club teams to not be very welcoming. I put this down to people protective of their 'team positions'. So I guess I am looking for somewhere I can play badminton to a good level but with friendly people.

I do feel like my diet could be better, I'll be the first to admit that whilst I don't over indulge, I eat too much junk food, chocolate and refined sugar which I intend to reduce next year. Perhaps as I put together


I have some travel plans for 2020, much of which needs finalising.


My employer is undergoing a period of ambitious growth so it is more important than ever that IT projects and products get designed, developed and delivered successfully in order to achieve the strategic goals of the business whilst maintaining operational continuity. This is development teams raison d'être.

Whilst I am aware that I can help the business in a greater capacity than Development Manager, I understand their desire to keep me in a position of importance regarding product scoping, design, development and delivery which is crucial to the business success. I shall continue to encourage innovation at every level and in every part of the business, which I believe is my true calling.


Having done my Business Administration Diploma this year as well as some Microsoft Exams (C# & Azure), I am looking for learning goals for next year.

I have been pleasantly surprised at the range and quality of online courses I have found on edX and Udemy and have been doing a few on Product management and Innovation.


I am far from an unempathetic person, however have read great things about how nurturing an empathetic mindset has taken people to a whole new level, particularly Satya Nadella in his book Hit Refresh. I aim to be increasingly empathetic next year and assimilate it into one of my core values.


Personally, I find it very useful to set goals, in order to achieve ones goals I do feel it helps to at visualise achieving them and in order to do that, you need to give some thought as to what they actually are.

What are your goals for 2020?

-- Lee