Periodic Table Augmented Reality Proof of Concept and Code Explanation

Those that follow me on LinkedIn may have noticed my most recent experimentation with Augmented Reality.. a periodic table. To be honest it has been one of my most popular experiments having been shared and liked by many.

Rivaling even my Patient Augmented Reality Information System (P.A.R.I.S) experiment.

I am passionate about getting more .NET developers to know about how they can be creating Augmented Reality experiences like this today using Xamarin, ARKit and C# in Visual Studio for Mac, that is why I am continually experimenting and sharing this stuff.

I don't find making videos of myself particularly easy or natural, but it does start to feel easier the more I do it.


It all started (like all good ideas do) when I was watching Iron Man. In this particular scene Tony Stark (Iron Man) is casually perusing a holographic image of the periodic table and I wondered if I could achieve the same effect using Augmented Reality.

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Version 1 - Static

The effect was surprisingly nice to look at given how simple the code and concept were.

Version 2 - Animated and interactive

I thought the first version was a bit dull and static, so I decided to add some animation and make the elements a little interactive.

Explanation and code walk through

As there has been such interest from the developer community, I thought I would do a short recording explaining the code and how the app works. Here it is. Yes I said the wrong thing a few times. I made references to ARKit when I meant SceneKit a bunch of times.

But hey ho, it is still useful to someone.


I could harp on about how Augmented Reality is THE future, how we will all be wearing AR glasses and how it will be THE main way we interact with things before too long*.

But I wont, i'll just let you enjoy the videos.

Watch this space.

-- Lee

* I imagine every major brand from Sainsburys to AO to Co-Operative as well as digital agencies are already dipping their toe into the AR waters before they are left behind and find themselves having to play catch up.