Twitter Project

Plans for 2014

As 2014 is a brand new year, I'm using it as a chance to renew my focus on what I want to achieve (in the short and medium term)
This blog
I don't think it is unreasonable to aim for writing a minimum of one blog post a week. I also need to fix a blogger lookup bug with additional caching.
Other websites
As a lot of them are on Azure, I need to revisit and implement bandwidth saving techniques. There is some low hanging fruit to be had here.
I plan to get this to a point where I can record the number of press-ups I do per day. If I've not got to the point where I can record this through the website / app then I'll just have to record on paper then transfer when the site is ready.
Fitbit, Exercise & P90X
Exercise has taken a massive hit since my daughter was born 5 months ago. I plan to remedy this as I have become embarrassingly unfit.
I shall be purchasing a Fitbit Force as soon as it becomes available in the UK in January. I fear that it will confirm that sitting at a desk all day programming means I'm not being very active at all.
Other tentative plans for increasing my activeness and exercise include dusting off my P90X DVD's and joining a local Aikido class.
Additional Windows 8 Apps
Surprised that my niche Lego Minifigure Windows 8 app has achieved over 200 downloads in 2 months, I plan to develop and release additional Windows 8 apps. This time with a focus on profit. Some exciting things coming in this area.
Pluralsight Learning
I plan to be increasingly proactive in learning technologies to complement my current knowledge/skill set. I shan't rest until I convince my new employer that this is a worthwhile investment.
New Tech Lead Role
Starting a new job as a tech lead this December I shall continue to help the development team grow, learn and get better.
-- Lee