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Windows Devs Guide to Mac OS on GitHub

Being a Windows developer for many many years and recently starting development on Xamarin iOS applications on a Mac to learn and promote Augmented Reality with Xamarin and ARKit, I found the Mac OS very unfamiliar initially. And to be honest still do. Not the coding part (still C# & .NET), but the actual Mac Operating System itself and i'm sure i'm not the only one.

It can take a while to re-train your brain and habits that are used to operating in one way, to work in another. I feel like the mice Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw from the immortal book Who Moved My Cheese having to get used to the change and embrace it.

So to help others who may be in a similar position to myself, I've started to record MacOS tips for beginners, showing features that you may miss from Windows in a Git Repo on GitHub.

The kind of things it includes is keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots and minimising windows. Simple things that we use everyday but are obviously different from Windows.

I'll continue to add to this as/when I find more tips for MacOS worth sharing.

Let me know if there is any good tips that I have missed. What are your MacOS tips?

-- Lee